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Webby Award Winners for Design, Flashblock Edition

Last week the winners of the 2010 Webby awards were announced. Jennifer Farley, one of the staff bloggers at SitePoint (where I work), recently posted a breakdown of five of the winners in design-related categories, along with her impressions of the sites in question. I think that’s a great idea, so I’m going to write my own version of that post, examining the same five winning sites.

Best Homepage/Welcome page

This category was won by Male Copywriter. Here’s what that site looks like:

I like the understated aesthetic and the use of black to convey authority.

Best Structure/Navigation

The winner in this category was HBO/Imagine. Here’s a screenshot of that site:

Again, a simple, clean design that really speaks to the modern web audience. I love it.

Best Use Of Animation/Motion Graphics

The winner in this category is The Pop Shoppe. A very interesting design, shown here:

Best Use Of Photography

This category was won by The Economist: Thinking Space, with a stark design that really lets the photos speak for themselves:

The Best Visual Design – Aesthetic

Finally, this coveted category went to Nike’s Jordan: History of Flight site:

Again, a minimalist style makes this website a clear winner.


I think the Webby awards have done a fantastic job highlighting the best of web design in 2010, across the full range of available technologies and adhering to the open principles that give the Web its true strength.