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Free Wireframe Kit for Google Drawings

I’m a big fan of Mockingbird for creating quick mockups and wireframes. It’s free, it’s online, and it does just about everything you want it to do.

That said, a bit of choice never hurt anyone, so it’s interesting to see that Google Drawings, the recent addition to the Google Docs family, can be used quite effectively as a wireframing tool.

Morten Just wrote a blog post describing how he uses it for that purpose, but even more awesomely he’s shared a drawing with an extensive selection of shapes, stencils, and widgets sitting in the margin ready for use. With the help of this “wireframe kit,” Google Drawings really does stack up quite well against dedicated wireframing tools.

Just open the document, select File –> Make a copy, and you’re off to the races with a fantastic toolkit containing text input boxes, icons, check boxes, flowchart boxes, tabs, buttons, you name it.

Huge props to Morten for sharing this toolkit with the public.